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Landscape Architecture Can Redefine an Environment

Landscape architecture projects can be inherently complicated due to the unpredictability of environmental factors and the emphasis placed on sustainable design. ADC Engineering’s landscape architecture team has unmatched experience in this arena, and is uniquely equipped to design all types of outdoor spaces without sacrificing budget for sustainability.

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What to Expect From ADC’s Landscape Architecture Team

1. Excellence Despite Obstacles

ADC goes above and beyond to create the site layout that the owner has always envisioned, despite inevitable project obstacles.

A new town hall on a site that was in the town’s ideal location, but there were some complications. The site was not large enough for the number of parking spaces needed to accommodate special events and meetings. The owner and design team saw an opportunity to share parking with the adjacent property owner, but that would take a great deal of communication and coordination.

ADC’s landscape architecture team held meetings with the town and adjacent property owner where they presented numerous conceptual designs for alternate layouts until both owners agreed on a layout that would benefit everyone. All projects encounter complications. Owners and clients need consultants that are dedicated to the project and the team until the last shrub is planted.

2. Cost Efficient Solutions

ADC can quickly recognize when a site could present costly problems.

Recreational facilities can be tricky. Staying on budget is crucial yet there are numerous ways that budgets can get blown without guidance from an experienced landscape architect. ADC’s first step when working with an active or passive park project is to meet with the owner and community to understand everyone’s expectations. Next, ADC designs multiple conceptual layouts to show the owner any challenges that would affect the program or the budget. Incorporating as many of the desired amenities while avoiding additional permitting or variances is something that can be done with conceptual layouts.

3. Sustainable Design Methods

ADC has extensive knowledge in sustainable design methods and certifications.

Design elements that provide environmental benefits are important and should be considered. An experienced landscape architect can design a site with sustainable elements that optimize the site, conserve water, and minimize waste at little or no extra cost.

A recent higher education project included designing a 40,000 square-foot building that on a seven-acre, previously developed site.

ADC’s creative landscape design preserved the site’s grand trees, incorporated native plant material and avoided construction near the wetlands. To avoid expensive stormwater components, a pond was expanded and pervious material was used in gathering areas. ADC’s design not only allowed the owner to pursue Green Globes certification at no extra cost, but it also met the owner’s needs in a complex municipality that was in an overlay zone.

ADC’s Track Record Speaks for Itself

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Landscape Architecture Services

ADC Engineering can provide the following services for your landscape architecture project:

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Planning and Site Design
  • Public Meeting Hosting
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Irrigation Design
  • Landscape Planting Design
  • Maintenance Consulting
  • Construction Procurement and Administration
  • Permitting and Mitigation Plans
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Sustainable Design Methods (LEED, Green Globe, SITES)
  • Project Management

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