Why ADC?

It Matters…

Who Does Your Engineering.

If you’ve worked with one engineer, you’ve worked with them all—right? It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of working with the same engineering firm(s) over and over, despite their shortcomings.

Don’t work with an engineering firm that just gets the job done. When you choose ADC Engineering as your partner, you’re selecting a firm that will make your job easier. ADC will get the project done correctly, on time, and on budget.

adc engineering team looking at plans

ADC keeps the clients’ priorities at the forefront of everything we do. We believe:


The budget is meant to be adhered to.

Over the course of any project, unexpected hurdles happen. But these hurdles shouldn’t completely negate the budget. When these situations arise, you’ll need an engineering team that makes budget-conscious recommendations without compromising the integrity of the project. ADC Engineering will always outline the most cost-effective solutions and research other ways to save money throughout the duration of the project.


A project schedule is not just a guideline.

When there are multiple vendors and regulatory agencies involved, timelines can get off track. As a result, engineers must be prepared to readjust any aspect of the project so that it stays on schedule. ADC does whatever it takes—including our principals, who are involved in every project. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty so your project gets done on time.


Responsiveness is crucial.

How much time goes by before your engineer returns your call or email? Do you feel like you are chasing your engineer? In this day and age, we still believe in the value of a phone call. A lunch meeting. A handshake. When you reach out, you’ll know the person you’re talking to by name.

ADC’s Track Record Speaks for Itself

See What Clients Have Had to Say

I’ve found all of the ADC personnel, in every situation, to be extremely professional and client focused. For this reason, we invited ADC to participate as the engineer of record for the Colonial Lake renovation project. [ … ] Their participation with the design team directly resulted in creative, cost effective and very well thought out solutions to engineering problems that I feel confident would not have been realized in their absence.

Dustin Clemens
former Deputy Director of Capital Projects ,
City of Charleston

ADC’s team is experienced, organized and have the keen ability to plan ahead. They anticipate issues before they become problems. […] They listen to your input and ideas and then provide feedback based on their experience and knowledge. They frequently bring unique solutions to the table when required.

Anne Maguire

I don’t believe I’ve ever done this before, but I do not have any comments after reviewing the plans for the subject permit application. Good job.

Billy Lybrand
District Two Permit Engineer ,

ADC is unmatched in quality of product and question response time. Coordination with ADC is smooth and effective with little to no errors. Their experience far exceeds the shopping center environment, and they bring this experience to the table for every project type.

Chris Carlson
Project Director ,
LK Architecture

The Company We Keep

Proud to partner with organizations across the country for 30 years.

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